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I'm looking for a decent gaming case for around $125 or less. I am also trying to decided to go Mid or Full tower. This will be my first build so any personal experiences from you guys would be great.
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    my friend has this one, its too much for me, but its a beast case
  2. I'd pick the NZXT Tempest. $60, roomy, 6 fans (4x120mm, 2x140mm).

    My second choice would be the RC-690 and third the Antec 900.

    Of course, if you hate the blue lights that disqualifies the NZXT and the Antec.
  3. shantaKlauss - I looked into the RC-690 and it doesn't seem like my type of case..I don't really like the look of it.

    The NZXT looks tempting. Here's a list of the cases I'm currently looking at:

    Mid Tower
    Antec 900
    NZXT Tempest
    Lian Li PC-65B

    Full Tower
    Thermaltake Armor Series VA8000BWS
    Antec 1200
    XCLIO Windtunnel
    Cooler Master Stacker 830/COSMOS 1000
    NZXT Zero

    The Lian Li Mid Tower case just recently caught my eye. I'm not sure it'd fit a 750W power supply and two 4870s though... The full towers are over my set price but if its worth it I may end up with one.
  4. Word of advice. Depending on your budget, go for a full-tower. It also depends on which graphics card you will use but most of the newer generation have gotten longer and now there's all these fancy coolers on them now.

    I don't know how many drives you will have but it's always better to have spare room than trying to rearrange hardware and try to make room.

    If budget is an issue, then yeah, your options become more restricted and you're probably looking at mid-tower cases.

    I bought an Antec Solo and although it's a great case, I didn't give myself much room for such developments of video card sizes. I don't know why they have to make them so huge as you think technology advancing would result in a smaller frame. Go figure.

    Anyway, I suggest a full-tower if you're a gamer. I know the choices aren't as good and the prices get higher but you might be thanking yourself in the long run.

    Question remains, though, which one?
  5. The Antec Twelve Hundred is a nice full tower case. Lots of room for the big toys.
  6. Canuc1 - I decided to go full tower. Not just because I game but because of the extra room. My current PC I have moved/adjusted (except to be cleaned) in 4 years. I don't travel with my pc or move it anywhere. The prices aren't too much more. It's around $50 but if I shop around hopefully I can find cheaper prices. Yet the question still remains...which one?
  7. *Answer Found* (for previously posted question)
  8. Good idea with the full tower, just make sure you have enough room under the desk :) So which one did you pick?
  9. The NZXT Tempest is technically a full tower as it is as large as one. Out of all the cases listed, the Tempest is the best especially for that price, even though I like the CM 690 better for pure ascetics.
  10. After a lot more looking and keeping budget in mind the NZXT Tempest seems like it's the one I'm going with at the moment. It's currently $99.99 with a $30 mail-in rebate. It's larger than the Antec 900 and has a water cooling option.

    If you guys know of any relatively cheap full towers then that'd be great.
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