Is this overclock safe ?

I would just like to have some of you oveclocking pro's opinions on if this will reduce the life of my cpu by a good amount... all in all if it lasts me another year I am quite happy... However I will admit that I don't really mind going back down to my previous clock speed.


Phenom9950be (yes I know it's not a quality cpu)
2x2Gigs ram Kingston KVR DDR2-800
Asus M3A78-EM
GTX260-216 by MSI.
2x320Gig Raid0

Pointless history...
CPU was an upgrade from an AthlonX2 5200 as it was the best my old motherboard (Asus M2N-E (Nforce570Sli Chipset)) could support.
Since I have the Phenom I ran it at 2.73Ghz (pointless overclock yes but in life you go up therefor I refuse to run at 2.6Ghz)
Took the M2N-E to rebuild my Linux server.
So I got myself the M3A78-EM and now my Unlocked multiplier works.

Long story short

Now running @ 3.0Ghz... +100mv CPU +50mv CPU NB
CPUZ gives me Voltages as low as 1.4 and as high as 1.47

Running Prime95 is stable... FINALLY after millions of tries as the classic phenom's overclock like junk.
Idle temp of 40Degrees
Full Load Temp up to MAX MAX 60Degrees... usually varies from 54 to 59

CPU Fan is the Artic Cooler 7 and Damn it's good.
Case is an Antec Sonata3, that rear fan is a good help for the Artic Cooler.

Should I just go back to my pointless 200 to 210 bump to 2.73Ghz with stock voltages or keep at 3Ghz...
Performance wise... I don't really see a difference yet but I will gladly keep it at 3ghz if I am told my rig will be rock solid for another year.
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    IMO is a good and safe OC for your processor, the voltage are good, the safe voltage is 1.5V max and the safe temperature is under 63C (that say AMD), but 70 or less is good.

    P.D. Sorry for my bad english, isn't my native language.
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