Suggestions for a new Computer

I'm hoping that some of you could pass along some advise for building a new Desktop system.

Sorry but I have been out of touch with what's new in the the way of hardware and I need some help.

My nephew has a AMD socket-A system with a AGP video card and he would like to upgrade it. He is really into gaming.
However he has a limited budget of $350 - $400 dollars.

I do have some memory that I can give him and besides cannibalizing the usual stuff from the old system I imagine that it will come down to:

- Processor
- Motherboard ($100-$150) est
- Video Card ($75-$150) est

To start, I have no idea where to begin on selecting a Processor, AND/INTEL???
In the past I have always gone with AMD. The system I'm using now is a AMD x2 6000hrz.
I would like to go with a processor that gives the most bang for the buck with a motherbaord that has room to take a processor upgrade possibly in the future?

Suggestions anyone for a processor?

Thank you all for your help!
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  1. For a tight budget read over Tom's latest round up of $100 boards:,2110.html
    The Asrock perform quite well in their review.

    Many folks are also high on these two boards, altho a bit more expensive:
    Asus P5Q Pro $130

    Gigabyte UD3P $137

    Video card:
    HD4830 - many can be found for around $120
    9800GT - around same price
    If you have a bit more money to play with, HD4850 would be a nice card. Can be found for around $150

    CPU: E7300 - $120

    If you don't plan on overclocking at all, then the only choice would be E8400 $165
  2. Make sure your power supply can handle the video cards. :) DDR2 is so cheap for only $18 after rebate. Don't bother using old rams.

    Get this GPU if you don't like the first one I suggested.
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