Replacing ASROCK convoe 1333 - D667 Extreme II?

Hi, i have an asrock conroe 1333, 775, sata II with dual core 2 Extreme, pentiumD, intel 945GC A2 chipset, DDR 11, 667, nvidia 8500GT, the tower is 18 months old, smallbuild. Which i want to replace with another sutiable motherboard! so can anyone suggest motherboards that i will be able to replace the ASROCK conroe with?

my computer went down, it started with trying to load XP Pro which would take up to an hour or more to load, the montior would remain blank has have tested it no problems. no POSTs no welcome screen just straight in to the normal operation. If i rebooted the computer than i would get the normal POST followed by the welcome screen and than normal operation. Think the graphics are working correctly. no onboard sound, comes thorugh the montoir, have checked the power supply, all connections, reset CMOS battery, removed the memory stiicks one by one and disconnected the SATA II all to know avail.

Thankyou :D
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  1. and other vendors have big selections. As long as you have a socket 775 CPU, it should work on just about any modern socket 775 motherboard.
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