Startup repair problems

Hi there, any help will be much appreciated.

Windows 7 home premium
Dell Studio XPS 1645
I7 1.73 GHZ
500 GB Toshiba

I have had this computer for just over a year and it has ran like a top. I was surfing the internet last night when it just shuts off (no slow down no blue screen) and boots into startup repair. It would not repair, just sat in there forever and would not boot into safemode or anything. It just kept booting into startup repair for hours.

So I hit esc when it booted to startup repair, I go to the dell backup and restore, save my work documents and pics and let it boot to factory fresh windows install from the dell created partition.

Windows reinstalls and loads fine, boots in and begins to update succsessfully and then reboots back into repair. This happens everytime it reboots. After sometime it will boot into windows fine. If I restart I am back into startup repair for half an hour or more.

Does anyone know what the problem is here. I have ran a memory diagnostic with no problems found. When it lets me into windows it runs fine. Please help
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  1. Windows is actually not updating properly,
  2. I know there is other threads on this issue. I have looked over many of them and nothing matches my problem.. any help?
  3. So i have updated it, went to reboot, did not work same thing, then booted all the update did not take?
  4. Are you installing any of the hardware updates? If so don’t this may be the cause of your problem. I would also suggest that you install the updates one at a time to find the update that is causing the problem for you.
  5. K I will try that. Is it possible for malware to stay on the computer through the dell backup and restore utility I used? Its not like I did a complete fresh install of windows they did not provide me a disk
  6. I reinstalled fresh from dell partition again and immediately turned off updates, reboots fine. right as I fired up explorer to get firefox i had some fake google pop up spam though. strange. kind of boots slow as well. scared to update now
  7. pretty sure I have malware issue even though I did that reinstall from the dell partition. when I click on a google search option I am redirected right away to some spam marketing page. how is this possible
  8. rootkit, gets in through java which I installed right as windows started.

    ping.exe malwarebytes is blocking it
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