New gaming rig with 22inch maybe 24inch

Ok so this christmas I gave my wife my 4600 x2 with a 1950 radeon pro gaming rig. Now I love gaming so much but I dont want to spend so much if I want to play Farcry2 or crysis. I even wanted to go ahead and buy me a 360 or a ps3. But cmon us pc gamers know why we use the pc and not the consoles.... The freaking Graphics man just to name one thing...

So I have a giant dilema here Im going to be making me a pc starting january. i plan on using a 22inch 1680 by 1050 or maybe a 24inch but if I get a 24inch then I would need a better videocard then a 4870 if I plan on maxing out my games right?

So here is my giant dillema. I want to go quadcore since I know that on the long run that would be better but at the prices right now the e8400 looks really tempting. I just lost complete faith on the phenoms even though amd mobos are cheaper. Wich cpu would you guys recomend If Im going to be using a 4870 on a 22inch or maybe a 24inch monitor? will a c2d be hurting me that much in the long run then a quad? If so Should I really save my money and get me the new i7s? Geez im goin crazy here guys please helpme.

ps. this new rig would be for gaming only... I want to stress that out though I dont care about anything else. Thats why sometimes I think Im wasting my money on just a gamin machine
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  1. Right now a 4870 + Good Dual core usually means maxing out current games (within reason), but for anything in the future quad cores is the way to go.

    For the resolution you will be running a 4870 is definitely one of the top choices so there is no need to worry there, just get a motherboard with crossfire capabilities so you can add a second one in the future as games get more and more demanding.

    As far as being specific on a processor, I'm an AMD user (nothing against intel) so I'm not going to be the best person for recommendations on there processors. I agree that the first round of phenoms were somewhat of a failure but since you're not building until january I would atleast keep an eye on the phenom II's when they are released.
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