Upgrade Hard Drive on Optiplex GX 280

I have a Dell Optiplex GX280. I am trying to upgrade the harddrive to a Western Digital 500gb Internal hard drive. Ok I have the boot disc or I think I do. The problem I have is that when I set up the drive it does not read the full size of the drive. I upgrade the BIOS, still nothing. I am wondering if my CPU can support it.
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  1. Try a SATA/IDE PCI card.

    There should be a jumper to limit the capacity if necessary.
  2. I am sorry it is a SATA internial hard drive.
  3. Try using a Serial ATA Controller Card to bypass the bios limitations.
    Monoprice.com has been hacked recently. I think it's okay now though.
    Newegg.com is an alternative.

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