I have a new motherboard do i need to reformat my hard drives i have set up in raid 0?
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    Probably not, but only because it'll get done for you, anyway.

    First question: is this a RAID0 pair you were using on another machine before? If that is the case, I hope you are not planning to save their data. Assuming you are not and you simply want to create a new RAID0 array in the new machine, should be no problem. If you're using RAId management built into the mobo, I expect when you use the RAID setup tools that will Partition and Format those drives so they are ready to use as one RAID drive.

    Are you planning to boot from this RAID0 array? If so, are you familiar with loading the RAID driver during Windows Install? Of course, if you only will use the array for data, the driver loading process within Windows is pretty straightforward.
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  3. thanks for the intel. yes it is from another machine. and I have saved the data.
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