Odd Far Cry 2 Performance.

I just bought Far Cry 2 and started playing it on my PC. With all settings on Ultra High with 1920x1200 resolution and DX10 I get a solid 25+ FPS on my configuration:

E8600 @ 4.3 Ghz
4GB G.skill Black Oc'd to 958 4-4-4-12 timings
Gigabyte P35
1 4870 X2

Now the system I just built, some of you might be acquainted with it :( :

E6750 @ 3.6
4GB G.skill Black Oc'd to 900 4-4-4-12 timings (I love this RAM!)
XFX 680i LT
2x 8800 GTS 512mb
1 WD 640GB
PC Power and Cooling 750w

It is totally unplayable at high/very high/ultra high at any resolution with any amounts of AA with DX10 enabled... in Ultra High in 1920x1200 resolution with DX9 the game tends to be very playable. Am I wrong about thinking this system should be able to play Far Cry 2 in DX10 even with lowered settings... atleast? This system is supposed to go to my cousin on Sunday, so I am freaking out a bit.
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  1. what about other games? if other games are fine, then maybe its the gpu's driver. try the far cry2 forum from their site.
  2. I tried other, older games, and they seemed fine and got about 16.5k in 3dmark06. I will update the drivers AGAIN, lol...
  3. I have officially found the 180.42 BETA drivers that nVidia says "Recommended for the best experience on Far Cry 2". I checked for a driver update once I bought Far Cry 2, and did not find any. It is usually my policy NEVER to use beta drivers, as I do not trust them. I will try these, thanks for the help. Who says nVidia drivers are better than ATI drivers?

    Edit: Sigh... the one time I don't get all paranoid about a new game, the new game I buy requires a BETA release driver to run half way decently. With 5 minutes of research under my belt I am 99% sure this will fix my problem. Thanks.
  4. Alright, I disabled SLI while I was downloading the 180.42 drivers and the performance in Far Cry 2 more than doubled... after I installed the new drivers I am now getting very similar performance to my setup. I am glad that PC can max out a game like this, my cousin's B-day will kick ass!
  5. good to hear. most new games will have trouble if theres a sli or crossfire. usually, patch or drivers update will fix it.
  6. For an even better performancem you could've got a HD 4870 for the new rig. It supports DX 10.1 and far cry 2 also supports DX 10.1 That could give you a boost
  7. Try this settings in the Nvidia Control Panel - 3D Settings

    Anisotropic filtering : Application controlled
    Antialiasing gamma correction ...On
    Antialiasing mode ...Application controlled
    Antialiasing Transparency ....Off
    Conformat texture clamp Off
    Error reporting ...Off
    Extension limit ...Off
    Force mipmaps ... None
    Maximun prerenderred frames ....4
    Multidisplay/mixed gpu acceleration ...single display performance mode
    Texture filtering Anisotropic optmization ....Off
    Texture filtering / Negative Lod bias ...Clamp
    Texture filtering quality ... High Performance
    T Filtering Trilinear Optimization .... Off
    Threatead optmization .... Off
    Trippe bufering ...Off
    Vertical sync ... 3d applicationsetting (off in the game menu)

    I hope that helps =)
  8. i almost forget i was using nvidia drivers 180.43
  9. rags_20 said:
    For an even better performancem you could've got a HD 4870 for the new rig. It supports DX 10.1 and far cry 2 also supports DX 10.1 That could give you a boost

    I got 2 8800 GTS 512s for under $210 shipped, a 4870 can't touch that value. Also SLI'd 8800 GTS 512s perform MUCH better than a single 4870... it performs close to my 4870 X2.

    Edit: I had updated my drivers, but used the official drivers and not the BETA release.
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