P35 platinum wont post resets after 1066 install

I have had my computer for a while and had 2x1gb crucial cas4 800mhz and had no problem.
I put in 2x2gb pc8500 cas7 crucial in and it just keeps resetting before post.

I have an E8400 stock
OCZ 700 psu
XFX 8800gt at 640mhz FO
500gb sata hd WD and 80gb slave by WD

I went to MSIs website and did the recommended ram and it took me to crucials and it showed the ram I bought. I have tried just installing one stick, no change. I also went into MSI's dual core center and set the ram V to 1.8 instead of the 2.1 my old pc6400 needed, it seemed to know I had changed the ram because it had the ballistix at only 1.9v and it was no longer under my profile.

Do I need to update the bios or something? I am pretty sure I did not to long ago.

Thanks in advance

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  1. Use the old memory and set the RAM to manual. Then adjust the timings and voltage to match the specs of the new RAM at 1066.
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