KR7A-raid using raid ports as normal ide

I'm struggling to figure out how to use the raid ide ports (ie. ide 3 & 4) as normal ide. I have 2 hd on ide 1, 2 burners on ide 2, and just added another hd to ide 3 (raid port). The 3rd hd on ide 3 will not show up in windows, but is visible in the raid bios on boot-up.
Specifics on how to solve this appreciated.
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  1. Hum , just a thought, get THE DRIVER for theHigh Point HPT-372
  2. Raid driver already installed and drive is visible in raid bios on startup (not in normal bios) but not within windows explorer. Raid program within windows sees drive but only offers options to set as raid configuration, not as a normal ide (as far as I know anyway).
    The new hard drive in the raid pci port is a 500gb - just a thought that the raid ports may not read large drives??? Will play around with when home soon - ie partition new drive or swap over with smaller one from pci 1 (slave) which is 60gb.
  3. Did you try CTRL + H at RAID BIOS to remove any RAID settings?
  4. I've managed to get it to get it to work with a smaller Hd. Obviously some issue with larger drives, will look into this later as trying to deal with virus at the moment.
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