Help..Can 690G MB work with phemon II processor?

I want to upgrade my processor to Phemon ii
I got a 690G Mother board and i don't know whether it can work with 45nm
Phemon ii
Can you help me? :) :)
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  1. You need to go to the manufacturers web site and find out. They will tell you if it is or not. Most likely it is not, 690g is older chipset.
  2. Not likely :(

    Phenom II is supported by AM2+ mobos...

    Kinda in the same ship bud =(.

    It should work, in theory.
  3. :cry: :cry: I Can't afford a new motherboard.. :cry: :cry:
  4. Neither can I.
  5. jfk22 said:
    :cry: :cry: I Can't afford a new motherboard.. :cry: :cry:

    Many of the low end motherboards are getting support so you may be able to find a board within your budget. I have a motherboard with the 770 chipset and SB700 and have already gotten a BIOS update to support the Phenom II 920 and 940.

    As for compatibility it seems that most motherboards with SB700 or SB750 are getting support for Phenom II and all subsequent AM3 processors. It looks like most boards with SB600 are not getting Phenom II support, or at least they aren't from ASUS or Gigabyte. I'm not sure what the level of support
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