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I'm running my Q9550 on water at 4.0ghz. What's weird though is the spread of the temps. My 1st and 2nd cores are both at 36C. My 3rd and 4th cores at 42C. These are temps with 0 % load btw. The temps on this chip has always been higher on the 3rd and 4th cores so I don't think I applied the thermal past incorrectly. Does anyone have any reason why this is though? When I stress test it on prime95 it goes up to max temp of 47C is that good?

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  1. Max temp of 47 C is very good - assuming the temperature sensors on the CPU are working properly.
  2. I agree, those max temps are great. My setup is opposite, i have my Q6600 @ 3.6 and under load, cores 0-1 reach 51*c and cores 2-3 do not go past 45*c
  3. Ok thank you, yea I guess it's common to have separation of temperatures like that.
  4. Those max temps are very very good! and its usual to have differing temps with the different cores. I also have 2 cores which are slightly cooler than the other 2.
  5. i got a q9400 preddy close to your gen of chip. I get the same readings (lower tho cause im only OCing to 3.2 stock 2.66)
    Mine get c0-34, c1-26, c2-37, c3-27 (idol)
    room temp is around 22 degrees.
    so i would say to you, your temps are A-OK
    each core still has to run a thread even tho it reads at 0% at idol. that explains the temp differences.
    the true test is when you decide to stress your rig and see what shes like fully loaded. Good Luck. remember Rock Solid Machine is better then Super fast but unstable machine.
  6. Thank you I definitely have a better understanding now :)
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