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Hello, Well, I lost another Seagate 1tb hard drive last week on my i7 htpc. Right now I have a little over 500gb of media files looking for a new home. I have ordered an Intel x-25 ssd and 2 WD 1tb ears green drives. Windows 7 and a few regularly used programs will go on the ssd. I would like suggestions on how best to utilize the other 2 drives so that I can maximize speed and security. I do have a home server that I use for backup, but it seems that you can never have enough backup these days. I understand only the very basics of RAID, but have no experience it setting it up.
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    You should not use RAID if the SSD will be on the same controller. SSDs operating under a RAID controller (even if they are not themselves in a RAID array) cannot run Windows 7 TRIM commands.

    If you must run RAID, then I believe that Intel has a program called SSD Optimizer that you can use to force a scheduled TRIM command on the X-25 drives. If you scheduled this to run every day, then, I imagine it probably would be fine, but not ideal.
  2. Thanks. I didn't know if you could separate your primary drive out from a RAID configuration. I only have a single controller, so I guess that settles that.
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