Safezone E8200 OC

So I've got this rig:

PSU: FSP Blue Storm II 500 Watts
Mobo ga-g31m-s2l
CPU: C2D e8200 @2.66 stock (currently @3.0)
Cooler: Noctua U12P single fan
GPU: HD4890 1 GB OC
RAM: DDR2 2*2 GB 800 Mhz Apacer

I've already gone up to 3.0 but I think it can go to 3.4 easily with that cooler. My problem is that I'd need to mess around with voltages, but I'm not exactly sure what values are most suited for this CPU. Some help regarding this is greatly appreciated.


PS: Yes I know it's an old CPU but I won't be changing it for a couple of months, so I decided I should use it's full potential.
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  1. It seems that if I OC the cpu, I either have to OC the ram or downclock it because of the multipliers. Could this type of ram handle the slight oc form 800 to 900 ?
  2. you can put voltage upto 1.45v and as long the temp is not going beyond 65C under full load its fine.But if you looking to keep it for a long run than 1.35-1.4v is my recommendation.
  3. Intel's recommended max voltage is 1.3625 volts. Intel's recommended absolute max voltage is 1.45 volts.
  4. Here's my setup to get you a ball park idea, but you'll get different results. Mostly because of our different hardware config and you never know the OC capability of the CPU. I highly recommend taking it slow, stress testing, reading the stickys if you are confused and KNOW THE RISKS!

    PSU: Antec Earthwatts 650
    Mobo: Asus P5K-SE (p35 northbridge)
    CPU: E8200 @ 3.6 with 1.325 volts (vdroops to 1.3 under load via Prime95)
    RAM: Kingston DDR2 1066 running @ 1081Mhz (i forget what ratio i used)
    GPU: 8800GT @ 700 Mhz core

    Pulls ~13500 in 3DMark 06.
  5. Your motherboard may be the limiting factor. It's really hard to the FSB of a G31 or G41 past 360 MHz. As always, YMMV.
  6. Gigbyte's product page for your motherboard says in the specs that it can be overclock to 1600 fsb so I would go for that. I doubt that your motherboard has a 360 mhz wall or 1440 fsb wall since Gigabyte rates it to 1600.

    I've never had to push my e8400 past 1.36v and it can run @ 4.0 GHz all day long in Prime95.

    I would keep your RAM to as close as 800 just for stability reasons. Besides you'll want 1:1 ratio anyway.
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