Digia Got 24v put to it and it only uses 12v, $800

I have a $800 digia security camera recorder but I got the power cords mixed up and pluged a 24v wire into it, It uses 12v,
Well these are the pics of the inside, one thing just poped and a pice is missing, take a look.



How would I be able to fix this thing? I can soilder but I have never attemted to fix something like this. What else coul have "went out" but cant see?

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  1. Most likely you'll just need to buy and install a replacement PC board from the system manufacturer (or send the unit into them for repair).
  2. the part the blew is a voltage regulator..

    of course, when it blew, who know how many other things went with it. they usually dont just open up when the pop like that, they short, then pop.

    as suggested, a replacement board is likely in order
  3. Well a voltage regulator is only a few dollars usually so not much to loose if you when you replace it.
  4. What is with those red and black wires. Those look like bad news not being covered in any way.

    I would guess you have nothing to loose by changing that regulator. I just hope that the 24 volts did not make it to the hard drive.
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