I7 975 stock cooler no thermal compound

I'm itching to finish my new build but the watercooling system won't get to me for a while.
I was wondering if I could underclock/undervolt the cpu and use the stock cooler with the thermal compound removed so I don't have to clean the cpu when the watercooling comes.
Is this a really bad idea?
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  1. cw64 said:
    use the stock cooler with the thermal compound removed so I don't have to clean the cpu when the watercooling comes.
    Is this a really bad idea?

    Its not a big idea if you have extra bucks to replace the fired one :lol:
  2. Seriously !lol
    And after you try this, try running your car engine with no oil, or to blow the engine just a little slower drain the coolant !
    edit: let me add the thermal compound will clean off very easily. Use a drip of alcohol on a qtip.
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    you know if you feeling lazy,just feel lazy when you change your know everyone says clean the cpu with alcohol and all the other stuff, you can just wipe off what you can wipe off with a clean tissue and than just apply new ones on and off you go.

    by no mean thats the best way but its better than run your cpu with no TIM!by not cleaning your old TIM off it will leave a invisible layer of residual on your cpu, but since your TIM wont be used for that long like you said so it should work fine and bound with your new TIM when heated up when you run your PC.
  4. Use the TIM. It will take you only a few minutes to clean the old stuff off.
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  6. lol 975 with no TIM is a disaster waiting to happen.....
  7. Makes me wonder how these people get all this money to drop on their comps.
  8. Well hopefully the OP did not pay 1k for that chip.......that would be sad....
  9. Sorry to necro this but the advice here is a bit silly.

    No, it's not smart to run your processor with no thermal paste.

    No, you will not ruin it.

    If the processor gets too hot it will throttle and then shut down before any damage is done. Get a temperature monitoring program and see for yourself. It might be an interesting test; tell us just how high your temperatures are without thermal compound.

    It's not going to be insta-fire like everyone seems to be implying; thermal paste does not lower your temps by 50c or some crazy thing like that; it improves contact between processor and HSF. You will probably scratch the processor a little bit though.

    Anyway this is an old thread so you probably have your water cooling by now. All the same I'd love to see any tests with/without thermal paste. I'd do it myself but my cooler was a !?&%)! to install and I don't want to have to do it again.

    Anyway it was moot for you. Did you actually LOOK at the stock HSF? Most i7's and i5's come with pre-applied thermal paste. Unless the 975 is different you really didn't have a choice in the matter.
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