New graphics card for my PC.

Hi, I am planning on upgreading my graphics card for my PC (AMD Athlon 64 X2 6000+, MSI K9N SLI, GF 8600 GT (256 mb), 2gb ram, BenQ 20" LCD, power supply Fortron 500w). I am thinking about 4870 HD. What do you think ? Would any component obstruct the performance of the card ? Would i need extra cooling fans ? What would be another option for graphics card to buy ? Thx .
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  1. that will be fine. a 4870 on 20" is an overkill though. I'm using the 4850 on a 22".
  2. Welcome to the fourms!

    A 4870 is not a bad choice but, as previously stated, it is a bit of an overkill for a 20" display.
    A 4850 will give you a massive upgrade from your current 8600GT and will cost quite a bit less.
    With some of the saved cash, I would recommend doubling your RAM to 4Gb.
  3. yes I was thinking also 4g of ram. and i will think about that 4850, more people have recommended that. :) Thx
  4. and what would be the nvidia equivalent to 4850 , 9800 GTX ?
  5. The 9800GTX+ would be the aproximate equivalent to the 4850.
    Generally it will match the 4850 in performance but it can still dragg about 5% behind in many games.
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