What is the best external enclosure with a Hot Swap function

Do you guys know any external enclosure with a Hot Swap function? I hate turning off my computer every time in order to switch my drives. Thanks in advance!
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  1. Yes, get an eSATA enclosure.
    Set your sata port to AHCI mode. Without this it may not support hot swap.
    Read about AHCI before making the change in the bios.
    I don't know what O/S you have.
  2. I think his question was more along the line of inquiry as to what would be
    the specific enclosure one would want to use. IE: what is everyone else using and the pro's & con's in our experience with the enclosures.
  3. I am using Onnto's DataTale 4-bay RCM4DJ RAID and the TDM11H 3.5" enclosure. The RAID supports disk roaming and multiple task functions. Onnto come up with the design of the SmartGuider which I think is quite user friendly to install, insert and retrieve the disks between the RAID and the enclosure. It's a pretty cool design. Both products are USB+eSATA so for me I use eSATA to transfer music and movie files to save time. Personally I swap the disks pretty often since I need to take the disks around for work purpose. I like the convenience and user friendly design of Onnto's products. Hope this info helps. cheers. :)
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