Have one of your video cards ever died?

All of my (mostly low end) cards have never died which include-Radeon 9250, Geforce fx5200, Radeon x1300, Radeon HD 2600xt, Geforce 9600GSO.

If you have had a card died please list the card and if you did anything that might have made it die (OC/bios mod)

I'm just curious how long these things usually last.
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  1. I had an 8800GT which I sold on Ebay. I thought it was working fine when I shipped it but when the buyer received it there was something wrong. I got it back and found that it was causing crazy colors all over the screen so I sent it back to EVGA and they ended up sending me a 8800GT Superclocked as a replacement. I had another GT which I was using all this time and I sold that one on Craigs list and I'm using the Superclocked now.

    I don't know what happened to cause the failure but if you buy from a quality company you're covered in case there is a problem. Video cards will usually last almost forever. I still have a ATI Radeon 9000 PRO from almost 10 years ago that works fine but I have no use for it.
  2. I had an XFX 6800GS which decided that it would be a good idea to arc between the card and the AGP port, causing the interfaces on both the card and the motherboard to melt. The card was seated properly and screwed into the case at the time. Definitely some interesting fireworks!
  3. First got the
    Ati 9800pro - died in 6 months - no OC/no mods
    Gigabyte Geforce 6800GT - died in 2 years - no OC/no mods
  4. A graphics card in my experiance will last well into next generation cards, well past the point when you would usually have upgraded due to needing compatability to play a game. The only card i ever had die on me was a X800XL card which died gradually (memory i think). I got it second hand and have no idea if any overclock etc had ever been used. Considering the 8800GTS cards were out when it died i think it lasted well enough.

  5. The only card to ever die on me was a Geforce 5 FX5700LE, but it sucked anyway.
  6. Geforce 2ti, fan died when it was running and fried the cpu approximately one year old at the time. X1900gt had failing memory after 18 months of use got rma under warranty from Sapphire.
  7. I recently bought a new system with an EVGA Gfx 260 that was dead on arrival... Had it replaced and new one works fine...
  8. Well other than **** fans on ATI cards I have had an nVidia card go poop with caps exploding.
    Had the EVGA lifetime warranty and go me a new one for free.
    Thats why I go with EVGA or XFX.
  9. I have had a bad ATI 9800 Pro and a a bad HD3850 straight from Newegg.com, showing wrong colors and vertical lines on the screen.
    I know my monitor was not the issue.
  10. ATI X800XT Platinum died for no reason whatsoever
    ATI X1900XTX dies for no reason whatsoever

    The EXACT same thing happened to them; GPU slowly needing more and more cooling (never even OC'ed them) until even with max fan settings (using ATI Tool), opened case & another desk fan blowing in the case, the GPU would freeze up the computer after playing 4-5 minutes of ANY graphic intensive games.

    Didn't matter the OS, the power supply or the OC'ed CPU (had 3 platforms I could swap cards in), they just burnt themselves out.

    Always only a few months after warranty... so guess what? I'm sporting an 8800GTS 512 now, back to nVidia.

    My 9800Pro is still going strong though, but none of the nVidia cards I ever had (7800GS, 4600Ti, TNT, etc...) died, they were retired because of my greed for FPS.
  11. I recently replaced an ailing 7900GT with a ATI 4850. The 7900GT was displaying diagonal lines that appeared to get worse as the card heated. The card was running well withing the lower half of acceptable operating temperatures. It was about 3 years old.

  12. ATI 9500 Pro, X800 XL, X850 XT, 8800 GTS 320 (on the frits), 4870 X2 (kept showing artifacts on desktop, then desktop went blank (temps were 62).
  13. The EAH3850 I put in my niece's rig is the only card I think I've had that just "died." I think I had an ancient Trident card get killed by a spike (I believe through the phone line), and a 440MX was the victim of a murder-suicide by a cheap PSU. Otherwise I've found graphics cards to be very reliable.
  14. I had three Radeon 9800 pro's with the worthless heatsink and fan combo. Two of them started artifacting after I tried putting on the new POS Arctic Silencer dual slot heatsink on it. (one I can understand and chalk up to my incompetence, but two blowing up is a sure sign that product is a piece of crap).

    I left the third Radeon 9800 pro alone and the fan recently stopped spinning. Nasty dust mites. The fan was tough to spin even with my fingers. It was like someone poured glue on the spindle.

    I get roughly 15 minutes of 2D processing before it overheats and I can't do anything with it.
  15. To be honest, I'm not sure what information could possibly be obtained with a poll like this. Simple yes or no.

    Although ATI and NVIDIA are the 2 prevailing video cards for enthusiasts, Intel own the video card market with 48% market share. Add to that ATI and NVIDIA sell their products to other companies who actually assemble the card and sell it. Some computers that are 10+ years old have the onboard video card and operate perfectly, some come out of the box defective.

    Add to that the fact that we now have new Environmental friendly solders that are lead-free, and these new solders have debatable lifespans. Some people say that these lead-free only shorten the life of electronics producing more waste in the long run.
  16. ur comparing a Video card that meant for one thing, which is internet purposes, minimal gaming (solitaire:)) and just basic office and home use, to video cards that suck up more energy than that little chip, runs hotter, is stressed out alot more and needs a fan on it to operate?

    Is that what your comparing, and your saying how how those last for ever?

    Or did I read your post wrong??:)

    I like these types of threads because you get to see if any1 had common VGA deaths as you.
  17. I had an x800gto that i unlocked the extra 4 pipelines on. It lasted about a year or so before it croaked.
  18. Lets see the numerous ATI cards I used 9800 and lower (5 or 6, I can't remember), one FX 5900 (died due to MSI MB), and 1 Voodoo card (can't remember which one, so don't ask).
  19. ATI x1300. died after like 4 months, completely stock. just bad luck i guess.
  20. 9800 pro... artic cooler... still going strong
    x800 pro... valman cooler... still good. I have it as a back up.
    HS3870... stock... no problems so far... but I hope it breaks as I have a lifetime warrenty on it (visiontek).
  21. 3 of my 5 highend cards have died. Crossing my fingers that the 4850 and GTS 512 (g92) last a while.

    HSI ATI 9800 PRO died 2 weeks after the one year warranty ended.
    MSI 6800GT lasted me about 4 years and just died this summer.
    EVGA 7900GT died this summer after about 2 years.

    FX5200 (lasted 2+ years)

    The cards below are still chugging away in old systems of family and friends.
    ATI 9600Pro (bought in 2003 )
    ATI 7200 (bought in 2003)
    Nvidia mx4000
    Nvidia mx400
    HD2600XT (only 2 months old)

    I really don't know what to make out it. The high end cards are pushed much harder than the lower end ones, especially when low end cards are used for mostly office stuff. By that logic I would tend to lean towards high end video cards dying sooner. It could be that it's a crap shoot and you never know what your getting.

    What I look at now is only buy a highend card from manufacturers that have a lifetime warranty.
  22. I owned an nvidia 7900GT OC that I ran for about a year with no problems. Got a second 7900GT OC to fill in my SLI port and for some reason the temps on the old (primary) card jumped from the mid 70s under load where it had been to mid90s. It started artificing and causing screen gitters in SLI in short order and I had to take it out.
  23. my 4month old 9600gt OC was killed by a rat. freakin rodent.

    i have a "8400gs" as a replacement, and boy it sucks!

    btw, this happened after i came back home when i went out to buy crysis:warhead. the irony. jesus dont love me.
  24. Powercolor Radeon 9800PRO, the fan died on the card. I bought a heatsink/fan and tried to replace myself since it was just out of warranty. The stock heatsink/fan was never meant to come off... so in the process I ended up killing the card. Still not sure how.
  25. Bought my first pc in 1984 and have been upgrading ever since. I also build pc's for friends, neighbors, and girlfriends. I have never had a video card go bad.
  26. Never had a card die on me, starting with a Voodoo3.
  27. Got my first PC in 93. Only card to ever die on me was my x1650xt AGP just a few months ago. Dunno what happened to it.

    To the guy who had his gpu killed by a rat...you can't just say something like that and not give a story...talk!!
  28. GeForce Ti 4200. Lasted less than 6 months.

    No overclock, no BIOS update.
  29. frozenlead said:
    Got my first PC in 93. Only card to ever die on me was my x1650xt AGP just a few months ago. Dunno what happened to it.

    To the guy who had his gpu killed by a rat...you can't just say something like that and not give a story...talk!!

    lol. alright then:

    one saturday afternoon, i had this motivation to clean my pc. brought it out of my room and took a canister of canned-air to bust some dust, when the phone rang all of a sudden....it was the local videogame retailer telling me that their crysis:warhead copies had just arrived blah blah blah, be here quick it might get sold out. i was like "oh sweet, i'll be there in a jiffy", and off i go.

    after i bought warhead (which really made me happy as it shipped with crysis:wars, one of the happiest day of my videogaming life), on my way home i was like imagining stuff already, like warhead should be smoother than the original crysis, like how im going to go "Psycho-psycho" and max-str-punch people to glory.

    when i got home, i fixed my pc up, i didnt remember that i wasn't able to put the side cover back, but no big deal at that time.

    then chaos...

    as soon as i boot up my pc i had artifacts appearing in every inch of my monitor. i was like "Oh, was that canned-air that i used or was that Lysol?" ... knowing that the gpu is causing this problem i pulled it out. then BAM! i noticed that on the back side theres a few chunked-off silver-metallic objects, but that didnt put the nail on the coffin of my beloved 4month old 9600gt baby. the freaking rodent "PEED" on it! can you believe that?

    :(( , thats how my 9600gt was murdered by a freaking rat.

    i had sent it out for RMA, but i doubt it will be replaced..
  30. Oh that sucks about your 9600gt, I know if I were to lose my 320mb 8800gts card (had for 6months) I sure hope I had the fan running 100% and to take the rat with it when it died.

    But I think you got a good chance of getting your 9600gt replaced if you cleaned it out real good with that can of compressed air afterwards, and hopefully somehow got rid of any trace of the rat peeing on the card.
  31. actually i "cant", because the freaking rat peed on the warranty sticker. i just hope they wont notice the discoloration but thats a slim chance.
  32. Visiontek offers a lifetime warranty. They have me sold as soon as they release 1gb 4850's! Sapphire looks like a last ditch alternative with 2 years. Why is Vis so slow with putting out new models?
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