Constant crashing on my brand new PC; CPU related?

Core 2 Duo e8500 at 3.14 ghz
GTX 280
ASUS P5N-D mobo
4GB G Skill RAM
64 bit Vista
950 W Coolermaster

I built the PC yesterday, and while using it (after Vista installation) I started getting random crashes where the screen would go a solid color (like red, blue, pink, etc.) but all the fans/components were still spinning/running.

The PSU is feeding enough energy to the video card, and I've tried tons of drivers for it. It seems to be fine. I ran a utility to check its temperature before a crash happened and it read 51 degrees Celsius with the fan running at a low speed. It's set.

However, in the BIOS my CPU temperature read 76 degrees! Not good. I opened the mobo util on my desktop and it said the temp was 60-63. And that's idling.

So is the CPU causing the crash? I've got two case fans running, but I DID smudge the silver part before applying the heatsink while building, so it could be that...however I want to be sure the CPU is responsible for the crash.

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  1. Reinstall the heatsink. My best guess says you don't have good contact between the processor and the heatsink because you smudged it. If you don't know how to reinstall it, let us know.
  2. I don't know how to re-install. Mind linking to a guide or explaining?

    BTW, I really appreciate the help.
  3. you will have to buy new thermal paste because I'm guessing you used the preapplied stuff. Make sure you clean the paste completely off the heatsink and cpu. You will need a micro fiber cloth and isopropyl alcohol. Here is a guide on how to apply the thermal paste and reinstall heatsink

    Hope it helps you
  4. To reinstall. Disassemble and re-assemble, using new thermal paste.

    To install a push pin cooler you need to do it with the mobo outside the case to get it to seat right.

    Ignore these directions, and you will never get to use your new PC without trouble.
  5. Bad ass video, I been saying forever that push pins are so easy when done right, and that video proves it. Now if the manufacturers would put some directions in the box explaining to do it outside the case, so many noobs would have such a better experience.
  6. Okay, so I wiped off the thermal paste on both the heatsink and CPU, and applied Antec Silver 5 in the shape of a rice grain on the CPU, and attached the heatsink back up. Coretemp shows idling at 40-45 degrees. Not good is it?

    And it crashed as well. The artifacting on the screen is a precursor to the crashes which leads me to believe it is a video card issue. Memtest passed with no errors.

    Where do I go from here?
  7. 40 - 45C idle is too high.

    It's been my experience that the "grain of rice in the center" is not enough. I divide the heat spreader into 4 quarters and put a grain of rice sized piece of thermal paste in the center of each quarter, then carefully wipe the squeeze out away when the HSF is mounted.
  8. like 80 degrees.

    evga said since there is no spike in temp, it's most likely a video card error. I rolled back to old drivers, still didn't work. They said if old drivers don't help, to RMA the card.

    So now I believe it is the card causing the problem.
  9. Okay, well it still hasn't crashed after updating drivers and unplugging/plugging back in the card...
  10. Took about 5 minutes but it did crash. I'm almost certain it's a GPU issue.
  11. i will try using a different video card, maybe you video card is damage
  12. Why don't you post some info on the PSU, maybe you aren't getting enough power through the rails your using?
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