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Hello. I have an Intel Celeron 326 @ 2.2Ghz and a mobo Intel D945PLPN. My question is: to how much may I overcloack my processor and about how much cooling will I need (what temperature is normal). Thank you.
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  1. most intel boards don't allow you to OC in the bios, so you might be out of luck from the start. But even if you can....each overclock is different so there is no answer anyone can give you. What are you hoping to achieve by OCing?...I mean what is your goal?
  2. really you can toast a CPU preddy easy if your not careful and use proper procedures. belial2k is right , proprietary PC's don't allow overclocking in the bios, they are locked. you might be able to get some performance enhancing software. but as for juicing up your CPU you most likely are out of luck.
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