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Hello, I purchased a Fujitsu Lifebook with a SATA-1, 5400 rpm drive with Fujitsu 3D shock protection. I would like to upgrade to a bigger SATA-2, 7200 rpm drive. First, will I lose the 3D shock protection? Second, I read that some chipsets do not support slowing down the throughput. Should I suspect any problems?
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  1. Because your current drive is sata1, most likely mean your laptop chipset only supports sata1, which is something i wouldnt worry too much about unless its a SSD. As for the shock protection... thatd probably be something built into the HDD id imagine
    list of sata2 7200rpm drives there, look at the momentus/constellation/scorpio drives depends on your space needs and price range

    Also wats the model of your lifebook?
  2. Thanks for your reply. The model is a T4310, and I'd like to swap out the 5400 rpm drive for a 500 Gb Seagate Momentus 7200 rpm ST9500420ASG 2.5", 16MB, SATA-300. The Fujitsu 3D shock protection is a software utility, but have no idea if the drive has to be compatible to it.
  3. The shock protection seems to be a hardware thing that if acessable through software... not too sure havent researched it, as for HDD thatd be a nice upgrade :) oh, i highly doubt the drive has to be compatible to 3d shock protection
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