Which PSU is best with GTX 280?

Which PSU is best with the GTX 280? I'm getting the E8600 (3.33GHz) CPU with Asus Strike II Formula. I'm also getting the CoolerMaster HAF932 as a case.

Basically, I need to feed a GTX 280. I would prefer a single 12v rail because I don't see what I'll do with 2+. I would like at least 600W, and preferably 700~750W of power. And I can't decide which PSU to get! Please help me!
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  1. +1 on PC P&C Silencer 750.

    If you want 600W range, then Silencer 610.

    Corsair TX series, 650W and 750W versions are also good.

    If you want to leave room to SLI the GTX 280 in the future, then consider 750W to 850W range.
  2. I highly recommend Corsair TX series, one of the best and most stable PSU out.
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