Third hard disk using pci ide ata100 cardnot recognised

i have connected to my desktop third hard 160 GB drive using PCI IDE ATA100 card. Two hard drives 80GB(IDE),160GB (SATA)working fine. BIOS recognizes the card. in LINUX THIRD DRIVE IS RECOGNIZED. but in WINDOWS XP third drive is not recognized. can someone help me. motherboard 945GL Intel.i have checked this drive with other computer it is working fine
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  1. You need to install Windows drivers for your PCI IDE card. The card should have come with a CD or floppy containing the driver(s), or you should be able to find them at the card manufacturer's website.
  2. If the card drivers are installed and the drive dont show up, you can find it in Device management, and set it to be active and assign it a drive letter there.
  3. in addition to what has been mentioned about drivers for xp, gonna go out on a limb and ask..

    is the 3rd drive formatted fat32 or ntfs?? if its any other format, windows wont be able to read it.
  4. Check for IDE cable (try it with other HD to see if it's working), also the jumper on the HD (on IDE HDs) must be placed according to the cable position. Check if you can see the HD on the Bios of the PCI Card (Usually hitting F8 or Ctrl+letter after showing the MB Logo).
    Change the position of the Hard Drive for the one that is on the First IDE Set.
  5. I guess you missed "LINUX THIRD DRIVE IS RECOGNIZED".
  6. yeah driver for ide/raid card, and assign a drive letter (aslong as its FAT/NTFS)
  7. With you on that.

    It's nice to see that there are still good, or should I say spot on, responses.

    OP, if you don't understand, post back and you will get more specific information.
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