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I just switched cases to a Cooler Master NV690 which has 2 USB ports on the top of the case. I also installed a Cables Unlimited 8-1 card reader in a 3.5" bay on the front which has 1 usb.

The first time I tried the USB, I had an issue where when I went to plug in a jump drive, even after I'd grounded myself, it arced when it touched the port and shut my PC down. This happened again with the case top mounted audio ports (which work fine).

So now when I put the jump drive in either the front (card reader internal) or the top (case mounted) USB ports, XP pro cannot recognize the USB. It says "this USB device has malfunctioned and cannot be recognized by Windows" blah blah.
There are no drivers for the internal card reader.

Obviously for them both to be doing this points to a mobo problem.

However, the rear USB's work fine and everything is recognized in Everest.

The front and top USB hubs are just seen as "unknown device". I have tried uninstalling the Root USB hub that these devices are on. That doesn't help.

Any ideas on how to make them work?

Thanks for your time.
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  1. I also tried to uninstall the USB controller and allow windows to install it again on reboot. This also did not solve the problem.
  2. Try reinstalling the chipset drivers and usb drivers from the mobo manual.

    Or look for updates of said drivers on the web.

    Your front panel sounds like it has a grounding issue, pull it off and have a look.
  3. When it acred it toasted those usb ports, No driver update will bring them back. Time to RMA the board. Back ports are working because they are seperate channels. The case defenetly has a grounding problem.
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