Damn this is making me nuts !! Fan noise

Well I Hope someone can help me.. Today I change my motherboard from Foxconn P4M800P7MA to a Gigabyte GA-G31M-S2C I'm runing a Pentium D 2.66/ 4 GB Ram 800mhz, and Video Card is a Gigabyte NX84S512HP Based on 8400 GS 512 MB DDR2... winxp 64bits, the power source is a 500watts.

But the damn CPU Fan is runing between 3500 ~ 4100 RPMS and this fuc1ng noise is making me nuts the CPU is at 60 Celcius.

With my old MOBO the fan was ver quite... What should I do to make a low noice PC? change FAN, something in the Bios... or what ???

Please give me your advice !!!
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  1. Usually there is a bios setting to allow smart cpu fan control. 60 sounds a little hot with fan spinning that fast. Did you use thermal compound when installing the cpu cooler? Is it the cpu fan for sure or is it the video card fan or psu fan?
  2. Check to see that the heatsink assembly is properly seated..... and the thermal compound is properly installed.... Sounds like the fan is spinning its happy *** off trying to cool the processor....
  3. Do you have a three or a four pin fan? Matters to BIOS settings, although I agree, that's a pretty high temp for no overclick/overvolt...
  4. Well I putl new termal compound it does help now my CPU is running at 44~47c on the initial thread i say 60 because that report the bios one time, but everest report me 52c.

    Thank you guys the compound I guess did the trick, but after a while the fan starts to spin at almos 3400 rpms, it's more tolerable but what else should I do/add to prevent that high rpms ? i love when the fan is spining at 2900~3100 !!
  5. Better (more efficient) heatsink/fan combination is likely the solution...
  6. I'm using the stock fan/heatsing the intel one. ! which one could be more efficient?
  7. cybermaniak said:
    I'm using the stock fan/heatsing the intel one. ! which one could be more efficient?
    The list is... uh... all of them. ;)

    Where are you? Can you buy from Newegg? What are your depth limitations i.e., how wide is your case and or what is it's model number?
  8. Quote:
    The list is... uh... all of them.

    The stock Intel fans are so inadequate, I've always wondered why they don't just drop the price of the CPUs (probably two dollars, though - that's likely all the thing is worth) and leave it to the purchaser; I suppose the issue is, however, that then they can make sure, at installation, that you put in something, even if it is a rat's petoot!
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