I7 920 OCd to 3.99Ghz - How are my Temps?

Temps = Temperatures, obviously.
Well, very recently, I upgraded my computer - actually, built a whole new one. I'll try to make this brief. I'm just trying to learn weather my temps are too extreme, or weather I should go lower with my settings.

Intel Core i7 920 - New, D0 Revision - A-Class Heatsink, long name, but it was a good $70 and awarded for one of the best.
OC'd Frequency: 3.989Ghz
BLCK: 185
Voltage: Auto (Auto set to 1.42, is it too high?)
Program Used To Test Temps: System Information for Windows

Stress Testing for 1hour 1minute using Prime95 brought no errors, no warnings. Everything was A-OK. Now, for the temps:

Core #0:
As of this post: 73C (163F)
Low: 72C (157F)
High: 85C (184F)

As of this post: 72C (161F)
Low: 70C (157F)
High: 84C (183F)

Core #2:
As of this post: 75C (166F)
Low: 71C (159F)
High: 85C (184F)

Core #3:
As of this post: 67C (152F)
Low: 65C (157F)
High: 75C (166F)

SYSTIN: 42C (107F)
CPUTIN: 68C (155F)

Basically, I'm curious if my temps are too high. 90C-100C is unormal, but is there really a major difference (when it comes to CPUs) when it comes down to 85C or 84C? I'm basically running 65-85C, and again, OCd to 4.0

If it's too high, what do you recommend? Auto tuning down to 3.7? 3.6? I think my voltage may be too high (1.42, Auto set), should I set that mysel0 and bring down the Voltage? Can a voltage that high honestly break the CPU? I believe it may be in the Red...

I've had trouble automatically setting it before, but it may be important that I know do it right.

Thanks for any help. I know I'm kind a noob at this, so thanks for sticking with me.
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  1. Sorry, might just wanna throw in that I know the heatsink. It's the Prolimatech Megahalems Rev. B
  2. Load temps are a little too high. my basic rule says, "Keep the load temps under 70 C."

    1.42 volts is a little high. Intel's recommended max voltage is 1.375 violts.
  3. Your best off setting the voltages yourself, The BIOS is just trying to make it stable, not concerned with temps at all. Im running 4ghz with my Ci7 920 D0 and using 1.28V, so im pretty sure you can bring down that voltage and still maintain stability.

    Your better off learning what the voltages do and what is safe and setting them yourself, rather than letting the BIOS set them.

    Persoanlly I wouldnt go over 1.37xxxVcore or 73C
  4. also, what TIM are you using?
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