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if anyone is interested, I've actually been fooling around with overclocking my nvidia 9400GT 512mb ddr2 card. I did a few searches on here and people were very pessimistic about the abilities of overclocking this card. I'm not sure if it's because of the program I used or updated drivers, but I was very successful and my question is actually if I should try to be even more successful.

I brought my core from 550mhz to 753mhz
shaders 1375mhz to 1706mhz
memory 400mhz to 499mhz
so overall I increased the performance by about 25%

my idle temperature was 60C beforehand, now it idles at 63C
during intense gaming after 20-30 minutes, my temperature had reached 75C with no artifacts or problems. It basically resulted in me being able to play games in 1680x resolution in full detail smoothly whereas beforehand they were unplayable at these settings.

I'm curious if I should dare going any farther overclocking it since this is my first time doing this kind of thing. I've read that most video cards won't overheat until they get into the 120C range, and I'm nowhere close to that. Is that a lot of untapped potential? The program that I'm using (EVGA Precision)basically will allow me to take my memory to 640, shader to 2200, and core to 880 as it's 'max' settings
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  1. overclock it untill you get BSOD or anything like that. And when you get it. Lower your clocks to the previous clocks. Basically, clock the crap outta it as far as it goes without failing. And dont mind the temp! unless you get BSOD. But if it runs perfect but @ a high temp, dont care about it.
  2. Ah, i remember my old 9400gt. It was a gigabyte 1gb ddr2 and it was an overclocked version. It came at 650mhz core and the rest i don't know. But what i do know is that i was able to get it to 820mhz core, 2000mhz shaders, and memory 560mhz. It idled at 40c and topped at 65c. BTW, your idle temps are way too high, try to reseat the cooler. But until it gets to 85c-90c, don't worry. The fact is that some cards overclock like monsters, and some don't, it is just luck. I got lucky and got one that had a lot of headroom, but some only overclock 100mhz.
    Hope this answers your question and good luck
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