Couple of OC questions about my 860

So my 860 wont go below ~37c @ 2,8 ghz. This is with an artic cooler freezer 7 rev 2 cooler, got artic cooling 5 cpu paste on it.

At multiplier @ 20,0 and blck @ 200 (4,01ghz) it is idleing at 47-48c with closed chassi.

Feels a bit to high doesnt it?

The fan is around 2060-2150 rpm (2500rpm fan) @ turbo boost.

Also at stock cooler i had the same problem, almost atleast. 41c @ 3,6ghz and vcore @ 2,55

Now vcore is at 3,75

Mobo temp is around 29c in bios.

So, any ideas?

Last time i tried prime95 i hit around 72-74c

And i saw some other topic saying above 75c is probably damaging the cpu with I7 series..

I could use some feedback. Thanks.

Edit: By the way in bios my cpu temp is at 57-58c :/ - But all windows application ive tried says alot lower temp, atm im running at 4,01 ghz and temp is 48c.
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  1. Sorry to say but the ACF7 is just not up to the heat output of the i7's.

    If you want to OC that high you will need a more substantial cooler.
  2. I see. Would it be a good idea to clock it down meanwhile?
  3. I was thinking of another shopping spree (just got a couple of 5870's) and was thinking about getting Obsidian 800D with a H50 and a corsair hx 1000w

    Cause atm im using antect twelve hundred packed with cables and rather sucky airflow. Aswell as the 20$ air cooler my devoted overclocking friend told me was fine to get.

    And in the next month (end of february) i was hoping to afford a new mobo and a I930..

    Would all this be a decent idea? All these will go fine together right?

    By the way clocked down my cpu to 3,6 ghz atm and its running at 42c idle and around 65c @ prime95, thats okey right?
  4. I'd say use coretemp or realtemp and see what your load temps are.

    Idling that high I can't imagine they would be very good. Then just adjust your OC to your temperature.

    Good Luck.
  5. Tried coretemp now, same temps..
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