AMD Phenom 9550 Speedfan Question

HI I just upgraded to a 9550 Phenom X4. Speefan is reporting temps as follows:

TEMP1: 41*C

TEMP2: 47*C

TEMP3: -128*C

CORE: 37*C

Which of these is the actual temperature of the processor? Also what is going on with Temp3?, and finally how do these temps look? I am using the standard heatsink/fan, and do not plan on overclocking, are these temperatures anything to worry about? What about the life of my motherboard capacitors? It doesnt look like it is reporting a MB temp?
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  1. use coretemp and see what that tells you .
  2. Core temp is giving me only one temperature, CPU#0 at 37*C it actually looks like this temp as I am watching it fluctuate is matching up with my "core" temp in speedfan.
  3. Really no replies after that?
  4. than that is your core temp. coretemp gives you the temps of the cores.
  5. So is that a good or bad temp?
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