ASUS M3A79-T Deluxe

Q: do i need to remove the black stopper to plug in the 8 pin "EATX12V" power connector or can i just leave the black stopper there and use a 4 pin connector instead? when i looked inside my HP a6109n, it had a 4 pin. but i guess its because of the lack of quality or use for the extra power. the manual for the board says i need to plug the 8 in in. (you can see the picture of the "black stopper" i was talking about)
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  1. I believe you can run it with out but I wouldn't do it. Get a better PSU for that board as soon as you can.
  2. yes you do need to remove the cap on the 8 pin, silly asus has no reason to put this here it only causes confusion.
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