1066 RAM timings issue -PLZ HELP-

Ok so i got a MSI k9a2 neo MOBO and i just got 2gb (2x1gb) 1066 ddr2 Kingston HyperX ram and im trying to set the timings and i got the CL, tRCD, tRP at 5, (manufacture specs) but the tRAS is at 29 and even through the BIOS is set to be 15.

The frequency is set at 533.3 like it should be, and the voltage is correct at 2.2v, does anyone know that is wrong and how i should correct it, ive read the whole overclocking forum page and i cannot find out whats happeneing, please help! Thanks a bunch!
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  2. If need be, contact MSI. They probably have a good reason to force it to 29 for improved stability.
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