Help! my computer shutdown when i load on him

I have a new q6600 cpu with the default cooling that came with it
when i load on him , he suddnly shutting down
i dont know why..can it be the cpu cooling? is it so worse?
or maybe it something else?

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  1. Does your system shut down immediately, like less than 5 seconds after you turn it on? Or does it take 10 or 15 seconds? We also need all the specifications - all the parts - of your system.
  2. when i turn it on at the first time it's shut down immediatley after 10 seconds , than i check the cooler and i saw it does not connect good i fix it , now it's all working good only when i load on him it shut down

    when i say load i mean that i do something with my old system and everything work fine just slowly and now it is cause my system shut down

    temp - 75C in normal state

    my sysytem-

    MB - GA-eg43m-s2h
    RAM - 4G
    HD - 640G
    Graphic Card - OB
    power supply - hec 300W
  3. Your temperatures are much too high. Unless the computer is in a hot room, your idling temperature should be around 10 C to 15 C higher than room temperature.

    I think that your cooler (HSF - heat sink fan) still is not correctly installed. You may need to remove the motherboard from your case to check it out.
  4. ok i will try to install it again
    anyway the default intel HSF that came with the cpu
    is good enough to handle with the q6600?
  5. yea it is good enough to handle the CPU at stock speed.

    good chance the HSF didn't have good contact the first time. The stock cooler is hard to install as well.

    if you're willing to spend, you can get an aftermarket cooler which will work a lot better and are easier to install in most cases.
  6. i think about arctic cooling freezer 7 lp what do you think?

    i didn't spread thermal compound, it came with somthing on the HSF and i thouth it's enough maybe it cause the problem?
  7. The ACf7 is a pretty good budget cooler. The big problem is that it uses the same pushpin installation that the stock Intel cooler uses.

    Both the Intel and ACF7 have thermal compound preinstalled. That is not the cause of your problem.

    The best thing to do with the pushpin setup is, contrary to Intel's instructions, to install the CPU and heatsink before you install the motherboard in the case.
  8. ok, i think i solved the problem there is a serial sticker on it i just pulled it out and my temp are normal i hope it was the cause to the problem
    if not i will inform you

    thank you for you help!
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