Driver needs reinstall every comp restart

I purchased Fallout 3 on tuesday and the consensus is that it wont run with the ATI apps smartdoctor and gamer OSD. So to play the game I've had to uninstall them. Not such a problem for fan speed control due to the new CCC apparently. It was a huge mess uninstalling them, they damaged the driver on their way out, so I needed to reinstall the driver and the new ccc.

On to the problem- I uninstalled the driver and ccc, and the 3 utilities that came with the video card. Upon reinstalling the driver and ccc, then restarting the computer I get a message that no ATI driver has been found. I can update the driver manually, from file found on computer since it has a list of possible drivers to chose from. This works temporarily but must be done every time the computer is restarted. The auto installing driver and ccc combo, or any variation of auto installation does not work, the only way to get the driver is to manually select it, and it goes away/becomes non detectable upon restart.

Further compounding this, I use 2 4850's. I can update the driver for the first one, but the second one still has the yellow exclamation mark over its icon. If I try to install the driver on that one it gives me the code 43 error. If I restart the computer, the driver on the first card stops functioning and I need to reinstall it. The CCC occasionally doesn't open, and it has no crossfire option at the bottom like it used to have before I had to uninstall the 3 utilities. The computer is only running on 1 of its video cards.

Any solution?

Q6600, P5Q pro mobo, 2 asus 4850's, 4 gb ram, windows vista home premium 64.
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  1. More info- I believe the issue lies with one of the cards being broken in some manner. It happened after I uninstalled the OSD the first time. Is there a way to check or reset an ATI card's software/firmware/bios? I will eventually have to pull the card, and swap it with the first card to see if it can run by itself but in the mean time I wonder if there is another method for verifying a video card's (or possibly mobo?) problem.
  2. As far as reinstalling drivers - this is the EXACT same problem I am having. P5q pro, ATI4850 both Asus and everytime I want to play Fallout3 or many other games without a crash etc etc... now it happens with any video playback in media players like iTunes, WMPplayer, Nero, FLV players and Quicktime Player. If I reinstall the device driver for the 4850 things play back fine.

    But then installing the 4850 driver disables my blackberry for tethering into wireless internet, unless I am online when I start the installer (which I have stored on the run command line)
  3. I gave up trying to fix it, though I proved conclusively that the video cards are ok. I suspect the problem lies with the motherboard, in my case it simply doesn't like 2 video cards.

    Did you have any trouble installing your processor cooler on the p5q pro?

    So my final solution has been to just use one video card, the drivers work like they should. Fallout 3 works, but crashes periodically, sometimes to desktop, other times the whole thing just freezes. I can tell when it wants to happen because the game slows down when I go to save. Dragon age runs beautifully.

    Good luck, I wish I could have offered more help.
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