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i have a X-Fi Xtreme Audio 7.1 soundcard and i have it setup with logitech 5.1 x540 speakers i use cyberlink powerdvd 7.2 ultra to watch dvd on you are meant to be able to get setting of dolby surround sound and dts, but when i have the speaker setting on it to 6speakers i dont get any of these setting.. cyberlink is meant to be compantible with my soundcard to give you these setting but i cant get it to work?

anyone else have the same problem? or know how to fix it?
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  1. Is this a full version of PowerDVD or one of those copys that comes free with a DVD drive? If its the latter and came with a DVD drive is a free trial version and isn't shipped with the codecs for surround sound, that way they can get you to buy the full version and then you will recieve these codecs for surround sound and DTS.
  2. No its the full version, it says on the mean screen that its supports dolby and dts, i dont think it dose when you have a trail version
  3. I have cyberlink powerdvd 8, and it is working for me. Just a few questions that will help us:
    Are you able to get multichannel audio off of other applications (surround sound in games, etc...)?
    What dvd are you trying to play, and are you selecting dolby 5.1, or dts in the dvd menu?
    When you say "...but when i have the speaker setting on it to 6speakers i dont get any of these setting..." do you mean that the audio at one time came through the surrounds, but does not come through on the surround channels after selecting 6 channel mode?

    Some dvds have very little surround, so much so that you might think it is not working. Usually voice audio comes through the center channel (not always), so you can use that to know what mode you are in.
  4. im playing the new batman dvd, the only option it give me in the cyberlink audio option is CLMEI-2, thats the only place ive tryed to select these options. i am getting surround sound from all the speakers just not dolby or dts surround sound as i cant find the option.
  5. As far as i know, your card isnt capable of decoding dolby digital or dts soundtracks, (someone correct me if they are). The only way i know of getting dolby/dts is by using a digital cable and having powerdvd output the audio through spdif, but your speakers dont have a digital input.

    im playing a dvd through powerdvd with the analogue connections, using the 6 channel setting, and im getting some surround sound, but i don't think its dolby digital
  6. I thought you could still get dolby surround sound without using optical cables,
    though i thought my card could decoder it.. heres the its says about decoding cyberlink.
    it also says about a free download dose anyone know where i can get that? mayb il be able to get it to work on that versiion
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