My P6T X58

Hello community,

I have bought a P6T X58 Asus MB.
I've also bought the 6GB kit of the G.Skill DDR3 1600, PC3-12800, CL 8-8-8-21 that runs at 1.6-1.65 Volts.

It may have become evident to some of you that my MB at stock settings can't support the 1600 memory I have so I want to OC it to get my RAM's full potential.

How do I do this?
Will I need a RAM cooler?

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  1. Lol, you dont need a ram cooler. Just go into your bios then go into the ram settings and change the ram ratio. Then go into the voltage section and change the dimm voltage to 1.65.
  2. it will only do 1.64 or 1.66
    which should I go for?
  3. 1.64V
  4. Is that all I need to do?
    My ram seems to be only identifying 4 GB of my 6 GB kit.
  5. This issue is everywhere and there are tons of things that fix it.

    Try raising you QPI voltage and your QPI/VTT voltage a little and see if that does the trick. Other than that, google is your friend...

    Read this thread:
  6. I don't think its an issue with my QPI/DRAM voltage. I tried putting two sticks in my first channel and second channel and got 2 gb, and then put the same sticks on the second and third channel and got 4 gb. I think my first Channel is busted. I tried pumping up the QPI voltage to 1.25 v and nothing resulted. You think I should go up higher than that?
  7. try raising the vtt a little. Do all 6gb get detected when they are at 1333?
  8. No, only 4 gb get detected even when they are at 1064.
    I'll try raising the vtt a bit and see what I get.
  9. Well you might have a bad ram slot then. Try resetting bios and see if it will work then.
  10. Any ideas how to do that efficiently?
  11. Cut the power and unplug the system. Then hit the little (tiny) red button usually located below your last pci slot.
  12. I can't seem to find a button on the MB. I checked the MB manual and it didn't seem to have one. My question is is there a software or utility that allows me to check my RAM slots? Or is there a way on Windows 7 where I can check if there is a problem with the physical slot itself?
  13. Use CPU-Z to check your CPU, memory and other things.

    Its free to download, just google it
  14. Alright I got my MB RMA'ed and I still have the same problem. The Ram only appears if I place it on the first 4 slots but will not appear if I place it on the last two. I have everything set on auto now. I've read different threads, but none really have my problem. Most have the problem of Windows detecting the RAM but not being able to use it. For me, Windows doesn't detect the ram unless its placed in a certain way. Any ideas?
  15. There is a required placement of the ram, you know that, right?

    The mobo has color coded slots. Read the manual. It should tell you where to put the ram.
  16. lol yeah I know that. My slots are dimma1, dimma2 and then the same for slots b and c. The actual manual tells me to put them in a1, b1 and c1, when I do that I only get 4 GB. If I take the A1 out it stays at 4GB. I have to put my sticks at b1, b2 and c1, or c1, c2 and b1 for them to show up as 6GB.
  17. I would have to bet this is a voltage problem. Have you tried setting all the voltages manually?
  18. well I set dram to 1.64 and frequency to 1600. I also tried to up qpi to 1.25. Nothing worked.
  19. No, i mean set everything manually.
  20. How do you mean?
  21. Like set every single voltage to stock, then see if all 6 gb shows up. Leave nothing on auto.
  22. Well, other than my DIMM voltage, QPI voltage and my RAM frequency what else could I set?
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