Watercooling help

I want to get watercooling for my 955 and an hd 5850
I have been looking and looking but i think i want to make my own water cooler. I need help though.
I dont know what parts i need to fully complete it.

I have a coolermaster haf 932 with green lights so green tubing would be nice. Under 220$ though.

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  1. Good rad enough for the setup you have
    CPU Block
    Pump for both parts you want to cool
    GPU chip only cooling and air heatsinks for the rest of the card
    Fans, tubing, fittings

    Bump it to $300 then we'll talk. Unless you just cool the CPU. Cooling just the CPU? This kit has a top block, pump, rad. Rad is big enough for ONLY your GPU.


    Read the watercooling solved at the top of this forum.
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