New Setup Overheating in Seconds with prime95

Here's the Setup

Antec 900 Two
Corsair 750HX
2x XFX 5770
Gigabyte GA-P55-UD4P
Intel Core i5-750
Coolermaster RR-B10-212P-G1
4x 2GB Crucial DDR3-1333
2x WD Raptor 300GB
2x WD Raptor 74GB

Anyways, with that out of the way...

Started doing some tests with prime95 64bit and I hit 99C in 20 seconds or so using the bone stock config. Happens even faster if I try to follow the overclocking guides from Tom's, MaximumPC or NCIX. I used Arctic Silver, and I've already re-seated the heatsink twice. Case has 4 fans, plus the one on the heatsink.

Just doesn't make any sense. Please help a guy out......
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  1. Are you sure you used the proper amount of thermal paste?
    Over using it could cause heat issues. You need a very very thin layer of it, especially with paste that has silver and other metals on it.
  2. Even if you had put too much (or even too little) paste it just shouldn't be heating up that quickly to that level. Are you sure the retention mechanism is engaged properly? I've also got to ask... did you remove the little thin piece of plastic that typically comes on the under-side of a heatsink? I totally goofed on my current build... I knew the plastic was there... I read the label that said REMOVE BEFORE INSTALLATION... and it just slipped my mind. Mercifully I caught this before I tried to do anything with my rig, but I can only assume that piece of plastic would have really jacked with my temps.
  3. Removed the plastic, absolutely. I may have used too much paste b/c it's squirting out the edges when I compress the heatsink. Idle temps with stock voltage and clock are 40-41. Seems awfully high at idle, doesn't it?
  4. If you're going to reapply, might I suggest...
  5. Is there a chance you manually set the voltage to your processor? I know you said the processor was running at stock speeds, but that really wouldn't matter if you were overvolting the processor. I'd set the motherboard to its default settings just to be on the safe side if you haven't already done that.
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