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Hi, I'm in the process of upgrading my Computer and wasn't too sure what graphics card and PSU I should get. First off, these are my specs:

Manufacturer and Model - Acer Aspire T180
OS - Windows Vista Home Basic SP1 32 Bit
CPU - AMD Athlon 64 Processor 3800+, 2.41 GHz (Single Core)
Graphics - Nvidia GeForce 6100 nForce 405 256 MB Chipset
HDD - 160 GB Serial ATA
RAM - 2 GB System RAM (1 GB Kingston DDRII, 512 x2 Acer DDRII)
Motherboard - Acer
Monitor - 17'' Widescreen Acer LCD, Native Resolution 1440 x 900
PSU - 250 Watt Max output (Yes, that stinks, I know.)

What's a mid-high range (doesen't have to be the absolute best but what's good for gaming) card/PSU that you would recommend? This chipset has to go as well as the PSU. I looked around on sites 'n forums but can't get a good answer. I also have PCI-E x16 if that helps as well as AGP slot on the motherboard.

I purchased this system in September 2007. Any help is appreciated. (Made this thread at like 2:11am, -8:00 but will post back after I have slept. Also didn't know where to post this but hope this is right.)
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  1. A 9800GT can be had for about $90 now, and a $30 Antec PSU would be plenty to power it and your system.
  2. 9600GT, 9800GT, 8800GT or the economical 4800 series ATI cards in the 80 to 120 dollar range. Also, a corsairor pc power & cooling psu is the best choice. There are a few others that will do. Paste a link here if you find one your not sure about and the guys will gladly shoot it down for you if its not good...
  3. Thanks for helping out.

    Woah nice those are great. Is there a specific site to get them from or just this one? Either is fine.
  4. You could try this for example:

    HIS Hightech H485F512P Radeon HD 4850, $125 after shipping and rebate
    Earthwatts 500W, $50

    There's also a combo with that Earthwatts PSU and a 9800GT for $160. That's $15 less, same PSU, and the video card is almost as good.

    The 9600GT, 8800GT, HD 4670 are also good choices - less performance than the two above but less money too.
  5. Cool.

    I think I'm gonna give the Antec PSU and 9800 GT a go.

    Thanks for the help all.
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