Can RAID be enabled on SATA 150 and Sata 300 Hard Disks or should they be the sa

We have received a server with two Hard Disks - one is SATA 300, the other sata 150. Will this cause an issue if we try to setup RAID 1?
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  1. No, but the array will operate at the speed of the slowest disk.
  2. Thanks for your reply - that solves my problem!
  3. quite right. Hoever, almost no HDD's actually manage to move data to/from the mobo faster than a 150 Mb/s rate anyway, because the drive unit itself can't provide data to the buffer RAM any faster. Much of the time the communication system in a SATA II unit is waiting for data to move. So the impact will be small.

    However, RAID1 is best done with well-matched drive pairs. If the drives are that different, do their other characteristics match well? Capacity, rotational speed, head seek times, average latency, buffer sizes - all those things that need some match. As chunkymonster suggests, any mismatch will be resolved to accommodate the slowest performer.
  4. Cheers!
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