My graphics changed suddenly on my pc why?

my windows format changed,, like bigger icons,, and visual effects are larger and really cant change too much in what i want in a website,, i tried to reboot it didnt work,, it works only in safe mode,, but then only temporarily......can yu help me get on the right track?? thank you
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  1. Did you change your screen resolution by accident? Go to the control panel and open up "display". On the settings tab, there is a slider control for screen resolution. Turn it up to your monitors native resolution.
  2. If you don't have many display options when you go to change the resolution, you need to reinstall your graphics driver. This always needs to be done after formatting a computer.

    If you have a video card, go to the manufacturer's website, and download their video card driver. If you have onboard video, go to the motherboard manufacturer's website, and get their onboard graphics driver.
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