ASUS P5K Premium CPU Voltage issues

Hello everybody.,i recently replaced my ASUS P5K-SE with 2nd hand ASUS P5K Premium.I have a problem.When i overclock and change the CPU Voltage in BIOS,for example 1.4v,and then when i look at CPU-Z or AiSuite the cpu voltage is 1.216v.No matter what voltage i set,it always shows 1.216 in both AiSuite and CPU-Z.Previous owned said he did not had such problems.
I tought it may be wrong read,but i think its the real voltage,because in higher cpu frequency the pc is instable and crashes.What may be the problem?My PSU is 500W Chieftec.CPU-E2180.
What am i doin wrong?
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  1. Perhaps there's a newer BIOS version available? If not, you'll need to post screenshots of exactly what you're changing in the BIOS.
  2. I installed na newest BIOS for the board,but didnt hepled.
    When all settings are on auto,with fresh BIOS,the cpu voltage shown in cpu-z is 1.248.Then i change the fsb to 400,cpu ratio to 8,cpu voltage to 1.4 and the pc loads Windows,but 10-20s after that freezes.With my old board the system was rock solid with this settings.
    Than i lower the cpu ratio to 7 (2800Mhz) and keep other setting the same.Windows loads and when i look in cpu-z voltage is 1.216.After that no matter what voltage i set in bios,even on auto,cpu voltage in cpu-z alway sits 1.216.Strangely the pc i stable with this combination,at least it doesnt crash.
    I searched the whole web,but no one seem to have suck problem.Weird.
    I even posted to asus tech support,but they didnt helped much

    "Sir, we suggest you to set the 1.4v in the BIOS, then save&exit, reboot the pc, enter the BIOS again to detect whether the CPU voltage is still 1.4v or others?
    You can also try 1.3v to test."

    This is for now,i'm still testing it.If someone have any suggestions...
  3. Do you have the latest version of CPU-Z 1.49
  4. yes
  5. You can't rely on either of those programs for accurate voltage readings.
  6. probably,but the stability problem is bigger and concerning me more.
  7. batgosho said:
    probably,but the stability problem is bigger and concerning me more.
  8. batgosho said:
    probably,but the stability problem is bigger and concerning me more.

    Update the BIOS to the newest one to have a test.
  9. I am with the latest BIOS - 1001
  10. batgosho said:
    I am with the latest BIOS - 1001

    Clear CMOS
    Change a PSU to have a test if convenience
    Also, what is the detailed config you use?
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