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Ok here what i've got:

I've installed XP on a system, decided to upgrade to Vista 64-Bit. Well I know there are many old games that I play, so I wanted to keep XP. So I purchased a secondary hard drive. I was doing some testing on another system and had removed my XP hard drive while installing Vista. So now there the problem: I can boot into either system if I change the Bios Hard drive boot order, but I have no Idea how to set up a dual boot option on boot up. I don't want to have to goto Bios every time I want to boot a different OS. I have tried running EasyBCD and VistaBootPro, but neither one will recognize my XP install, even when I install them on my XP hard drive! Maybe i'm just overlooking some simple little mistake but any advice would be greatly appreciated.

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  1. Vista 64 Ultimate should give you a Boot option if the hard drives are RAIDed. If it is not Ultimate I am not sure what to tell you.
  2. Heya,

    Thanks for the quick response. Yes I am running Vista Ultimate, but I've never had much luck with Raid. So no raid setup.

  3. I have a dual boot with XP 32 and vista 64. I had xp in first, then loaded vista on to the second hard drive. Vista will set up and when you boot up it gives you a boot screen that lets you pick the OS you want to boot into. If you dont pick one it boots into which ever one you have set as the primary.
    This might help
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