Computer Crashes while gaming and freezes during startup...

Hi, my computer has been troubling me for a while, it started a few months ago, when i got my HD 4870, the computer crashes when playing a longer while, but not all games, most games powered by Unreal engine, but in recent times COD has also crashed and Left 4 Dead, which is damn frustrating when you can not play a chapter without the computer dies. So about 30-40 min of gaming, then it dies without a single complaint, when it dies, I have to turn off the PSU for 5-10 seconds and then put it back on for it to start. No errors reported in the windows either ....... so do not know what to do so ...

Now it has even begun to freeze altogether when I start windows, when I logged in, so just freeze it, can not touch NOTHING on the screen, and I have to restart AGAIN, (happens most often in connection with the computer has just crashed) May repeat this process many times before it works again.

So what's the problem, my dear friends? I need help urgently, however, I can say that some games still do not crash, games civ4 and fear, but they are old games. Could it be my cpu, idle it is in 53 C, when playing i dont know..... anyway, please help!

Thank you in advance o have a good continuation!
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  1. Specs: AMD Athlon X2 6400+ (3.2 GHz), 4 GB Corsair 6400 RAM, Powercolor HD 4870, Gigabyte GA-MA790X-DS4, AXP 630 Watt PSU, Samsung Spinpoint 750 GB 7200RPM 32MB
  2. Probably your Generic PSU.
  3. its an Xion AXP 630 W, really strange company, never heard of it.....
  4. My money is on your cpu temp, 53 idle is pretty hot. Should pop speedfan in and check what it hits when you're gaming and it crashes, and check to see if youre mb has a temp setting where it reboots when cpu hits a certain temp.
  5. i will try using a better psu and if the problem persist i will check my cpu to see if its overheating.
  6. what card did you upgrade from? and did you do a complete uninstall, drive sweeper when you did the upgrade?
  7. 53 idle IS WAY TO HIGH...,but i suspect psu is also craping do Your voltages look in the bios? btw,I like CORE TEMP better than speed fan.
  8. UPDATE: Well, i heard that HD 4870 "2d mode" is causing similiar problems to mine, so i set the GPU Clock to 750 permanently, so it couldnt downclock to 500 when idle, this gave me about 30 minutes extra gameplay in L4D in versus mode, but crashed when i played singel player, the freezing only occurs when i dont move the mouse on the login screen, if i dont move it for 30 seconds it freezes, but only for the first 2 minutes!

    IS the psu still the major a**hole?

    Thanks in regards!
  9. UPDATE,2: Well, i have a work around for the freezing, every time i start the computer i have to change the DDR2 Voltage, from 2.000 V to 2.100 V , if i do this the freezing dosen't occur, and the strange thing is, i can play longer, about one hour and thirty minuts before the computer shuts off when i do this work around for the freezing, my guess is the ram is damaged, what do u think?
  10. you should rum memtest to see if your RAM is defective. if not then just change the voltage of your RAM to resolve that issue.
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