Many Different BSOD Errors

Hello everyone,

I'm reposting this thread that I posted in the motherboards>chipsets forum.

I'm getting a lot of BSOD errors with various descriptions, very similar to what happened in this thread:

Basically, the guy suffering the BSOD get walked through some steps to narrow down the potential culprit, and I've come to the same conclusion as he did, which is that the chipset driver is causing all the fuss.

The main differences in our situations are our computer specs, a couple of BSOD error messages, and the virus issues; my computer doesn't seem to be afflicted by any malware, and I have an extra BSOD involving the atidvag.dll, but I've tried uninstalling and reinstalling my ATI GPU (HD5750) drivers multiple times to no avail.

I went to track down the latest chipset drivers for my mobo (I can't find my mobo CD) which CPU-Z tells me is BIOSTAR A785GE, but when I download the 32bit XP driver for either the 6.1-6.3 or 6.4 versions at:

the installer tells me that: "Setup did not find a driver compatible with your current hardware or operating system."

I'm trying to install this from safe mode because I can't even stably boot up otherwise. BSOD seems to happen every time i try to do anything to fix this without being in safe mode (which is why i suspect the chipset driver.)

I looked on the AMD site for the 785g chipset driver, but it seems to just point me to the GPU driver.
I find myself ending up here:
with nowhere useful to go.

I'm pretty much stumped, because I thought this would be the solution, but the installer doesn't seem to want to let me get the driver that I need, and I can't find it anywhere else. I am currently trying all of this and writing this message from safemode, because that is the only place that i dont get a BSOD.

Is my only next step wiping my computer?

Please help!

Posted in another Tech Forum:
We've tried a lot of things, and they've led to various inconclusive errors. The latest has been that when running Memtest86, it goes smoothly for a while (seems random how long it survives) and then instead of returning any kind of error, it freezes. Everything except the red flashing "+" in the upper left of the Memtest screen appears to have stopped working, and it won't let me use ESC to reboot. I have to hard boot it from the I/O button on the case. You can check out the threads for some of the things that we've tried

edit: I'm not certain, but I think these errors only started after I swapped the 5750 from my still working computer into the broken computer that used to house a 5770. I did update the drivers on both computers afterward. It could also be that I removed the USB receiver for my wireless keyboard/mouse from the back of the computer and inserted it in the front, because I'm also getting BSOD usbohci.sys when I'm not in safemode, but I find that an unlikely cause.
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  1. See if your memory in very well placed in slot and there is no dust and secondly see if your hard disk drive has no bad sectors. Only 1 or few bad sectors on a important file will cause the BSOD. Repairing the bad sectors will simply remove the issue.
    To repair bad sectors use Flobo Hard Disk Repair ( non-destructive for data) or low format ( destructive )
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