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I have an old computer that I don't use, it's several years old. It has multiple HDDs in it, but they are IDE connection so was not able to move into my new system. I know about external enclosures, but I'm looking for some kinda of enclosure that can hold 2-3 HDDs so that I can get access to the information on those drives
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  1. Why not just get one of such enclosure and empty the drives one by one, then throw them away or give away since parallel ATA drives are hardly useful anymore.
  2. Cause I'm running low on HD space, and would like something external to hold some files that I don't access all the time.
  3. Buy a 1.5TB drive, they are cheap. Then you wont have low HD space too.
  4. true, but I'd still like my original question answered.
  5. I'm sorry but i fail to see a question in this thread.

    If you're looking for a PATA RAID DAS, good luck! You probably won't find it.

    Its a terrible solution anyway, since the DAS cannot be used with any modern drive and only tiny old PATA drives you have at the moment. So you spend like 3 times as much as a 1.5TB drive, and still get lower reliability/speed/capacity and takes 6 times as much power also.

    So are you sure you want to go in that direction? In my opinion, its a clear waste of your money and effort.
  6. ok, how about you give me the difference in money to buy a 1.5TB HDD compared to 3 external HDD enclosures. I'm trying ot avoid 3 different ones, I just want one. But if you give me the difference, I'll buy the 1.5TB HDD
  7. How about you spend you own money?

    You think a 3-disk DAS is cheaper than a single 1.5TB drive? LOL good luck buddy!

    It would be like 200 euro for the DAS and 80 euro for the 1.5TB drive. So basically, you're robbing your own wallet if you go through with your plan.

    But hey don't believe me, just buy PATA and PCI and anything that's worthless in a few months after your PATA disks start showing media errors too.

    But its your money to waste.
  8. Please tell me which enclosure allows you to use all your three PATA drives? I don't see it.
  9. That's why I am asking here if there is one. I haven't been able to find one.

    I could go the 3 enclosures, but I would rather skip that and just use one.

    Hince, my original question.
  10. Yes i understand that, but the problem is these 3-disk DAS systems are expensive, more expensive than one 1.5TB modern drive.

    What's the size of your PATA drives? Are all three of the same size?
  11. honestly, I don't remember. I haven't even turned on the old computer in over 1.5 years. I know there are some pictures and some other data that I want to get off it, after I do that, I'd just like to use them as external drives to hold seldom used files.
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    Well i suggest you just buy 1-disk DAS PATA enclosurues then, which are cheap and readily available. That way you can have your data off, use them as external disks, and still be affordable.

    While with a 3-disk DAS/NAS you would need to look very hard for one that supports PATA as that means its non-hotswap and thats typically a feature these products desire. It would also be alot more costly, than just 3 PATA enclosurues.
  13. Here's another question....
    Should I just keep it the way it is and just leave that computer on 24/7 and use the drives that way? It's an XP Pro system.

    If so, would that make my electricity bill go up much?
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