Realtek HD Audio Green audio-out stops working?

Gigabyte EP-45-DS3L Realtek HD Audio

Out of nowhere my Green port stops outputting sound. I have 5.1 speakers and all of the other ports (Orange and Black) work, but my right speaker won't play anything. I've tried plugging headphones into the same port and I get nothing.

When I put the same green plug into the Grey port and set it to "Front Speaker out" it acts as the green port and my right speaker works again.

Now whenever I plug any speaker plug into the green port I just get static and hissing.

Any ideas? I think it may be dust.
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  1. Update, it's not dust, I just went at all of my ports with a can of compressed air.

    and the same thing happened:

    my green port doesn't work but when i plug the same plug into the grey port it works. (It senses that I plugged it into the green area and that it's the front right and left speakers but it doesn't play any sound and sometimes static.)
  2. Have I got this right? It was working, and then, somewhat suddenly and consistently stopped? Sounds like a hardware problem to me... Did you install any new software just before the problem started? You can solve the problem, if you're only using 5.1 (i.e., not actually using all the jacks...) by right clicking on the driver's image of the jack, and 're-tasking' it to the pair of channels you want...
  3. Yeah, you've got it right. Currently I have the green jack plugged into the gray port. It's working as though it was the green port though.
  4. I have found a few more complaints about this family of boards and, specifically, the 'green' jack, which leads me to believe that it is not related to a hardware failure - I find it unlikely (though possible, if there is a design 'weakness' involved) that the same jack would fail/f&*k-up on several MOBOs. Have you tried the drivers available directly through RealTek?
  5. I've tried the drivers available directly through Realtek and I have the same problem. Green port doesn't work, but the Grey port acting as the Green port does.

    I'm not sure what to think anymore.
  6. Hi!

    I've also got a similar problem, the green rear audio-out doesn't work. The blue one next to it works but the audio comes out very distorted and the same with the green front out. I have tried updating drivers and I've also reinstalled everything with no solution. Any ideas?

  7. sorry...sent two messages as i thought the first one didn't get through
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