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I recently bought all the parts for a new computer and just finished building it myself. I've got to the stage where windows loads and thinks everything is just fine, but there are a few problems. First of all there are red thin lines across my HP w2007v screen but I think that may be because of the Graphics Drivers.

I have an ATI Radeon 4850 Graphics Card and when I try to install the Graphics Drivers, place the disk into the drive and load it up so it offers to install all the graphics drivers and a control centre which it does without a problem. It asks me to restart the computer. Which I do. But as it loads up the Blue Screen comes up but flashes past before I can read it and then it restarts and wants to be in Safe Mode. I can't load it up normally. There weren't any drivers on there so what is going on and how can I fix it? Help please
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  1. i have the same prob(
    well boot in safe mode and then can log into windows. you get those green dots too?
  2. I can get Safe Mode just fine but not normal windows.

    No I don't have green dots but I do have red lines going across the screen, I thought that was a Monitor problem but must be Graphics Card
  3. try install the latest drivers from
    BUT first of all remove the old driver and use driver sweaper to clean you system, then reboot and install new drivers;
  4. Sorry mate that didn't work, it installed fine and then showed the Blue screen and restarted like it always does. Any other ideas?
  5. Get in Safe Mode. Right click My Computer. Select Properties, Advanced. Click Settings under Startup and recovery. Uncheck "Automatically restart".
    (This is for XP. On Vista it's almost the same but not quite IIRC.)

    Next time it happens, the blue screen should stay there and you'll be able to read it. See if it mentions the name of the DLL that blew up, then you'll know for sure if it's in the ATI drivers or where and you might get something you can Google.
  6. Ok I couldn't see a .dll thing anywhere on the Blue screen although the first few lines were cut if that's where it was meant to be.

    The only file like looking thing was by the 2 massive lines with 'F' and '0' in a lot, and that was atikmdag.sys

    Does that count?
  7. Sure it counts. You've just confirmed that it's the ATI drivers that fail. LOL, that was kind of obvious already. I was hoping for something more useful :(
  8. Damn, what other drivers can I use or are they the only ones? Are there any experimental ones or ones for other cards but that still work ok with my card?
  9. Let me take a look at ATI's site. What operating system do you have, XP or Vista? It is 32-bit or 64-bit?
  10. Vista 64bit thanks mate
  11. No problem.

    They've got the 8.10 version, which is supposed to be the latest and greatest, here:
    If you don't have that one already, uninstall the drivers you've got now and install this one.

    If you already have 8.10, you could try 8.9. If that also fails, uninstall it and try 8.8.

    I wouldn't bother with drivers older than 8.8, TBH. Maybe not even with 8.8. If different versions of Catalyst can't fix it then it's most likely a hardware defect and you should get a replacement card. I think we can rule out defects in RAM/Motherboard/PSU because the PC does work in Safe mode.
  12. Damn! I tried 8.10 and 8.9 but neither of them worked, I still got the blue screen of death. and I just plugged my Monitor into my laptop and it looks great so it is definitely the drivers that are screwing up.

    I'm going to try 8.8 and then after that an old graphics card to see if the system at least works. If 8.8 doesn't work what do you suggest? Using the warranty and asking for another one?
  13. I just had a thought, could things be any different if I try the 32 bit versions? Because somewhere around here I have the CD for 32bit Vista and I could use that instead, so could the drivers work with those instead or if a problem is on one is it on both?
  14. If you want to try Vista 32-bit go ahead, but you need to download the 32-bit drivers:

    If that doesn't fix it, then definitely RMA the card.
  15. RMA? Return?

    Ok I'm assuming that the 32bit drivers won't work with the 64bit OS.

    Also in another thread around here a guy was saying about how he has an HD 4850 card and that works just fine with 8.10 so why won't mine?

    Is it the hardware not working together? Or is it the card?

    Sorry about all the questions but I designed this machine so it would be ready for Fallout 3 and I really don't want to send the card back unless it's absolutely necessary.
  16. Yeah, return the card. Sometimes the manufacturer makes a mistake and one card out of a hundred or a thousand or whatever is bad. Or maybe the postman dropped it or left it out in the rain, you never know. Just get an identical one in exchange. You're the unlucky one in 100 who got a dud, but that's what the warranty is for.

    RMA stands for "return merchandise authorization", apparently. I had to Google it to find out :)

    Right, 32-bit drivers need a 32-bit OS, no mixing.

    What is your config, in fact? Just to check for compatibility. I'm pretty sure you don't have a compatibility issue (as in, hardware not working together), since you can even boot in safe mode.
  17. Damn I'll have to return it then, but who to?

    It has got Sapphire written all over it so do I send it to them or ATI? Will the warranty say?

    Thanks again for being such a big help mate. Hopefully it is just a dud card, which is a shame and means my shiny computer is essentially a glorified toaster until I get a new one. Dammint.

    To be honest I severely dobut I will the Vista 32bit it isn't worth the time reinstalling the OS blah blah blah.

    Mobo: Asus P5Q Pro
    Processor: Intel Dual core E8500
    Graphics Card: ATI Radeon Sapphire HD4850
    HD: Western Digital (can't remember the name now)
    RAM: Kingston 2GB DDR2 DIMM
  18. Your config is fine. You might want to get 2 more GB of RAM to make Vista 64-bit happy.

    You need to send the card to the place where you bought it. Is it Newegg? Talk to them. Get the phone number or e-mail from the retailer's Web site.
    They will tell you whether to send it to them or to Sapphire, the exact address, etc. You won't send it to ATI. ATI just made the chipset and sold it to Sapphire, who did the rest.
  19. Good luck!!!

    Let us know how it turns out, OK?
  20. @Vampiric Puppet
    dude...32bit Vista aint going to help you either.coz im using 32 bit and facing the exact prob!
  21. @aevm
    hey...what if only older driver is stable?
    does that mean its not an HW issue?
  22. He tried both 8.10 and 8.9. There are tons of people out there who use those drivers with HD 4850 cards successfully. I'm pretty sure at this point that his hardware is the problem.

    It could be a bad RAM stick too, BTW. @Vampiric Puppet: download memtest86 and run the RAM test.
  23. i ran the memtest though could not complete it...and i don't think it looks good....
    im attaching the pic.
    what do you think>i don't understand it! :(
  24. Actually, that could be good news. Maybe your video card is fine after all. Your RAM may be defect, or maybe it just needs you to adjust voltages and timings. Contact the RAM manufacturer's support for help. With a little luck, all your hardware is fine and you just didn't get some BIOS settings right.
  25. what do i do?
    can i get the RAM replaced for this reason?and anyway to make sure its the RAM?
    btw this is the BSOD
  26. phew!
    i reached a point where my system would only work in Safe Mode and had the patch through out.
    i removed my card and went to the service center...they tried it in their system and had no probs!!!!i put it back in my system re-inserted my RAM.....and it works fine now!i could even benchmark with Furmark(dint work earlier)!!!
    but my Catalyst version is 8.7...and im scared to updated it now!
  27. I think the "re-inserted my RAM" part did the trick. Glad it's working now :)
  28. tnx
    i hope it lasts!!!
  29. Damn would that have worked for me? Bearing In mind I couldn't get to the desktop, what was your problem again mate? It WOULD accept old drivers but not new?

    I'm ready to send the Video card back and order another one but can you just check that both of these would work with my Asus P5Q pro motherboard please? I know one is the same but can you just make sure that everything would be ok? Using your magical powers of Hardware Knowledge?


    Do you think the problem was just a one off and I should be fine with the same model card again?
  30. LOL at magical powers... They're PCI-E cards, they should work in the P5Q Pro.

    Yes, if your video card is defect and you get a replacement of the same model, it should work. Assuming 1% are bad, your chance of fixing the problem is 99%.
  31. Ok thanks man, when this works I'm going to send you a cape and some sort of Bat Signal type thing. It'll be brilliant :D

    I'll order the same again and HOPEFULLY it'll work but if not then I'll send it back and try a similar nVidia one, it'll be a shame if I do have to send it back but oh well I suppose. Also the nVidia 9800 apparently needs a 28cm slot or something but I digress.

    Thanks again mate, i'll post in a few days whether it worked or not.
  32. Yeah, some cards are huge and won't even fit in some PC cases. My 8800GTX is 28 cm long indeed.

    Run that memtest86 program too if you haven't yet. Do that first.

    Sure, let us know how it goes.
  33. Which mode should I run it in? Safemode with the Drivers or normal Desktop without them?

    Run it before I put the new card in?

    Cool thanks mate
  34. Safemode would be fine.

    It doesn't matter which video card you have in during the test - it just tests the system RAM.
  35. Hurrah! The new card arrived, I plugged it in and everything was better from the start! No Green/Red Lines then when I installed the Drivers it worked without a hitch!

    Thanks mate you're a genius, also I installed more RAM.

    Another hurdle though! My wireless adaptor isn't working! Haha! Oh well I should be pleased the damn machine works at all, but thanks for all your help through this little project. :D
  36. LOL, come on, it wasn't that hard. I'm very glad it's solved.

    I'm totally ignorant about wireless adaptors. Try starting a thread in the appropriate section of the forum - assuming we have one :)
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