Cpu Temp To High ?

So i just got done building a new computer and i go to check evertyhings temp and this is what i get http://i44.tinypic.com/208ecyb.jpg a little on the high side for the cpu and gfx card , i dont know that's just me what do yall think.BTW thats just what i think from my personal experience not really sure what temps they should ruin at.
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  1. What is your ambient temps? What cpu cooler are you using? What type of case is it?

    I assume those are idle temps? I would reseat the cpu cooler. alot of times, the push pin coolers are not seat correctly. At stock, it shouldn't idle that high, unless you have hi ambient temps.
  2. Yeah the 6600 is a bit high, if you want to lower it then you can add some fans to the case. the 9800GT is OK. I don't think the ambient temps are very high because of the temps of the 9800GT.
  3. what kind of cooler are u using? temps are affected by the cooler contact and the thermal paste
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